Linear AGC Balanced Receiver for 40G/100G Coherent Communications

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The DSC-R412 is a linear AGC balanced receiver ideally suited for 40G/100G Coherent applications. In addition to its automatic gain control (AGC), the adjustable gain can be manually controlled. The DSC-R412 is available in GPPO package. This balanced receiver also offers a peak detector function, adjustable frequency response, and bandwidth up to 20 GHz with several different settings.

DSC-R412 Linear AGC Balanced Receiver for 40G/100G Coherent Communications

Fig. 1:DSC-R412 linear AGC balanced receiver

DSC-R412 23G RZ-DPSK Eye Pattern

Fig2: DSC-R412 23G RZ-DPSK Eye Pattern.
In: -8 dBm input power
Out: AGC mode, single-ended output without bandwidth adjustment

Salient Features:
  • Adjustable differential transimpedance gain (50 to 4000 ohms)
  • Adjustable differential output voltage (200 to 700 mVp-p)
  • Wide optical dynamic range of -16 to +2dBm
  • Low Power Dissipation (+3.3V, 280mW)
  • Wavelength Range of 1064 to 1650 nm
  • Excellent DPSK Eye Pattern quality
  • 40G/100G Coherent Systems
  • Coherent PON
  • 10G/40G DPSK/DQPSK
  • Ideal Front-End O/E Converter for Balanced Test Instruments
  • OFDM
Available Models:
  • DSC-R412 – Linear AGC Balanced Photoreceiver with 20 GHz bandwidth
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